Community Supported
Internet Radio


Community supported KYOTE Radio was founded in August 1999 by Singer and Songwriter "Uh Clem."  KYOTE Radio, 100.1 FM originally broadcast 5 watts mono, on a J-pole antenna, from a room on the east side of Desert Sports.  July 2000 the station was moved from Desert Sports to the office in the alley at the Ghost Town. 

In March of 2001 Dave Huff donated the Victoria 30+30 watt stereo transmitter, 10AMP AC/DC inverter, antenna, mixer, compressor, 200 disk CD player, cassette deck and mics that upgraded the station from 5 watts mono to 60 watts stereo.

July of 2001 the station (and Clem) moved from the alley to the mansion.The Studio and Transmission Tower were located in the Old Perry Mansion in downtown Ghostown, Terlingua, Texas.  Big Bend National Park provided the breath taking background panorama. 

KYOTE Radio promoted community involvement through radio programs, such as reading classical books on the air, providing a venue for local musicians to showcase their music, and commercial announcements that help local businesses. 

In October of 2010 the Federal Communication Commission came to Terlingua and ordered a cease and desist on further broadcasts.  Terlingua area desperately needs a form of mass communication, but none is allowed by the FCC.  So we are going to broadcast through the Internet from now on, and if the audio stream gets retransmitted by some surreptitious pirate radio located in Mexico, we know nothing about it.

For now, our radio spectrum is empty.  We have no television, AM or FM radio stations, newspaper, or any other form of mass communications.  Thank you Feds, you really are doing a wonderful job of surpressing free speech and the right of the public to be informed.  A democracy cannot florish when jackbooted NAZIs trample on free speech and public communications. 

The FCC is clearly out of control, and next legislative session we the people shall address the aberrant behavior of this rogue agency.  First priority is to slash their bloated budget, then we will regulate the regulators.  Return to the people what is rightfully theirs...FREE SPEECH.

Info from Dave Huff, former manager the Chisos Mining Company Motel ('01-'04) for Caroline and Barb, then the Ghost Town ('04-'06) for Bill.